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Amaretto Sour Capsules

Amaretto Sour Capsules

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Amaretto Sour Drink Capsules

The Amaretto Sour pairs nutty almond and orange citrus notes to make for the perfect vodka dessert cocktail. Whether you’re enjoying it for dessert, brunch, or any other time of day, this cocktail is sophisticated and refreshing all at once. Base spirit: Vodka.

Please note: Capsules do not contain alcohol....

Amaretto Sour Capsules

Bartesian’s cocktail capsules are a convenient way to make craft cocktails at home with the push of a button. Bartesian’s Amaretto Sour recipe creates a unique flavor profile that is citrusy, nutty, and sweet.

Using your Bartesian cocktail maker, pop a classic Amaretto Sour capsule into the machine. Select your desired strength, and press “Mix.”

Every Bartesian cocktail capsule contains the perfect balance of real juices, bitters, and extracts to ensure you’ll enjoy a premium cocktail from the comfort of your home.

Make Delicious Craft Cocktails at Home with Bartesian

Ready to craft your own Amaretto cocktail at home? Purchase your capsules today!

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