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Apple Pie Capsules

Apple Pie Capsules

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Your favorite dessert is now served as a whiskey and vodka cocktail. The sweet combination of baked apple and fall spices is perfectly balanced with hints of lemon and cayenne in our innovative capsules. Wonderfully reminiscent of a slice of grandma's apple pie. Add this to your collection of whiskey cocktails for holidays, hosting, or any time of year! Base spirits: Whiskey and Vodka.

Please note: Capsules do not contain alcohol....

What’s better than a fresh slice of apple pie? A cocktail that evokes warm feelings of seasonal joy, of course! Featuring sweet notes of lemon and apple that pair smoothly to ease the bite of the liquor. 

Craft a truly indulgent drinking experience with Bartesian’s cocktail capsules. Each capsule is made with high-quality ingredients to create a premium beverage at home. Impress your guests with a perfectly mixed drink in 30 seconds thanks to our cocktail mixer! 

Using Apple Pie Capsules with the Bartesian Cocktail Maker 

Avoid the headache involved with finding recipes and mixing ingredients, and skip right to the fun part — enjoying your beverage! Pop one of our Apple Pie capsules into your cocktail maker, select your desired strength, and press Mix. Watch our Apple Pie capsules transform into a fantastic drink in no time.

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