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Duet Cocktail Maker

Duet Cocktail Maker

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With the Bartesian Duet cocktail maker, you can bring the craft cocktail experience, complete with quality ingredients and your favorite spirit brands, to the smallest of spaces with a new compact design....

Using the Bartesian Duet Cocktail Maker

Make mixologist-crafted cocktails at home with the Bartesian cocktail maker and cocktail capsules. The Bartesian is a state-of-the-art drink maker that is quick, convenient, and can craft cocktails with up to two spirits at a time. From vodka to whiskey, tequila, gin, and rum, you can choose from all your favorite spirits with this cocktail machine!

Then insert one of your desired Bartesian capsules—choosing from more than 50+ cocktail varieties, from a blackberry margarita to a dirty martini or an amaretto sour. The options are endless!

Similar to the original Bartesian cocktail maker, you can customize the pour strength of your drink from mocktail to strong, then simply press “Mix” to enjoy a perfectly crafted cocktail in no time.

  • Tiered two-bottle display
  • Removable transparent water tank for easy water level detection
  • Large LCD display screen with rotary dial allows you to select your desired strength of mocktail, light, regular, or strong

What's in the box: 1 Bartesian Duet cocktail maker, 2 glass spirit bottles (1L) with spirit label bands, 1 removable power cord, 1 removable Bartesian bar mat.

Dimensions: 12.5"x12.75"x9.5

Care: Bartesian capsules pop up with spring assistance for quick removal and recycling. Water and spirit glass bottles are dishwasher safe. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth when needed.

Compatible with all Bartesian Premium Cocktail capsules except Long Island Iced Tea. Bartesian capsules sold separately.

Start your home bartending journey with Bartesian. Purchase the Bartesian Duet Premium Cocktail Maker here! We also have additional glass spirit bottles for your cocktail makers here.

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