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The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

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Bring the cocktail lounge home—all at the touch of a button. The Bartesian cocktail maker creates an assortment of premium cocktails (and mocktails) to satisfy any drink desire....

Using the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker

Make mixologist-crafted cocktails at home with the Bartesian cocktail maker and cocktail capsules. The Bartesian is a state-of-the-art drink maker that is both quick and convenient.

  • Fill the cocktail maker with any spirit: vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, or rum.
  • Insert capsule*, which contains the perfect balance of juices, bitters, and extracts for your cocktail
  • Cocktail capsule is read via barcode, and the machine suggests the proper glassware.
  • Customize your desired strength ranging from mocktail to strong, then press “Mix”!

*Capsules do not contain alcohol. Shop the Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Look no further than the Bartesian cocktail maker to create endless craft cocktails at home. Customers love this machine for its convenience and premium quality beverages, from a crisp dirty vodka martini to a classic margarita or a ginger peach iced tea.

Shop the Bartesian cocktail maker and upgrade your drinks in just 30 seconds. Not sure what product is best for you? Contact us! Our customer support team is happy to help.

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