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Clear Cube Ice Maker

Clear Cube Ice Maker

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Our crystal-clear ice cube maker is perfect for elevating your ice-cold cocktails and giving beverages the refined aesthetic of a high-end lounge. Ideal for sipping on bourbon, scotch, and Old Fashioneds, our slow-melting ice gives you more time to enjoy cocktails at your own pace.

Enjoy Elegant Ice-Cold Cocktails with Bartesian

Ditch the ice cube trays and typical fridge bullet ice or nugget ice! Go for stunning crystal-clear large ice from the best ice maker money can buy. Bartesian’s ice makers are compact and simple to use....

Looking for a countertop ice maker that rivals the best in the business? Meet the Bartesian Clear Cube Ice Maker! Nothing makes a cool cocktail even more refreshing than adding thicker ice cubes to keep your beverage colder for longer.

Using Bartesian Ice Makers

Here’s how to use the Bartesian ice maker:

  • Fill the water reservoir to the fill line.
  • Insert the ice molds til there is a slight overflow.
  • Place in the freezer for 24 hours.
  • Remove from the freezer and slowly pull the mold apart.
  • Enjoy your beautiful cubed ice!

Do you prefer a different shape for your premium ice? Bartesian’s Clear Ice Sphere Maker is also available.

Experience the difference of clear large ice in your cocktails. Purchase the ice cube maker today!

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