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Lemon Drop Variety Pack

Lemon Drop Variety Pack

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Calling all Lemon Drop fans! Enjoy four fruit-forward twists on the candy-inspired vodka martini with this limited-edition variety pack. For an added burst of tart and sweet, we recommend serving in a martini glass rimmed with Sour Candy Sugar. Our 8-pack contains 2 each of:

  • Strawberry Lemon Drop: sweet and tart with flavors of juicy strawberry and candied lemon.
  • Cherry Lemon Drop: refreshingly tangy, fruity, and tart, with cherry popsicle-like flavor.
  • Apple Cayenne Lemon Drop: crisp apple and zesty citrus, with a subtly spicy kick of cayenne flavor.
  • Blueberry Lemon Drop: jammy blueberry balanced with bright citrus flavor.

Our 32-pack contains 8 of each cocktail variety. Enjoy this limited seasonal release while it lasts. Base spirit: Vodka.

Please note: Bartesian capsules do not contain alcohol.

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