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Low-Cal Variety Pack

Low-Cal Variety Pack

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Bartesian's Low-Cal Variety Pack features the same great taste of four of our classic cocktail offerings with no added sugar. Our 8-pack contains 2 each of:

  • Low-Cal Margarita: a classic, refreshing tequila cocktail with lemon and lime. 10 calories per capsule.
  • Low-Cal Cosmopolitan: a classic vodka cocktail with tart cranberry, sweet orange, and lime. 15 calories per capsule.
  • Low-Cal Whiskey Sour: a smooth, citrusy whiskey cocktail with vanilla, lemon, and orange notes. 5 calories per capsule.
  • Low-Cal Old Fashioned: a spirit-forward whiskey cocktail balancing bitter and sweet with notes of oak and orange citrus. 5 calories per capsule.

Our 32-pack contains 8 of each cocktail variety. If you're looking for no sugar added cocktails, you'll love this variety pack of Bartesian capsules.

Please note: Capsules do not contain alcohol.

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