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Margarita Glassware - Set of 2

Margarita Glassware - Set of 2

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Shaken, blended, or on the rocks? Whichever way you prefer your drink, there’s no better way to make a margarita moment even more authentic than with the perfect margarita glass.

Bartesian's stemless margarita glasses are the perfect barware complement for any of our premium margaritas, whether you prefer a spicy or salty rim. These 15oz stemless glasses are easy to grip and carry, reducing the chance of spilling any of that liquid gold!...

Bartesian’s Stemless Margarita Glasses

If drinking margaritas is one of your favorite pastimes, you certainly need the appropriate glassware to match the beverage. These margarita glasses are dishwasher safe (upper rack recommended) and come as a set of two packaged in a premium gift box, making it a brilliant gift idea for those who love enjoying festive drinks!

Pairs Best With: Classic Margarita, Mango Margarita, Blackberry Margarita, Pineapple Margarita, Pomegranate Margarita, Passion Fruit Margarita, Spicy Margarita

A Premium Experience with Every Margarita Glass

A margarita is the symbol of a good time, whether you’re hosting friends or relaxing after a long day. Add our premium glass sets to your barware collection to elevate your favorite tequila cocktail.

Shop the Best Margarita Glasses at Bartesian

When you want your glassware to be as fancy as your cocktails, you can count on the Bartesian margarita glass to check every box. Add the Margarita Glass Set to your cart today and elevate your cocktail experience!

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