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Spicy Bloody Mary Capsules

Spicy Bloody Mary Capsules

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We've kicked the classic Bloody Mary up a notch with a moderately spicy twist. Enjoy the savory blend of tomato and vegetable juices rounded out with flavors of habanero, cayenne, and horseradish. Serve over ice in a lowball rimmed with spicy salt and garnished with lemon, olive, pepper, and celery. Spice level: Medium. Base spirit: Vodka.

Like all Bartesian cocktail capsules, the Spicy Bloody Mary is a mixture of real juices and extracts which may naturally settle. For best results, we recommend shaking the capsule before placing into your cocktail maker and periodically rinsing the cocktail maker's capsule holder after use.

Please note: Capsules do not contain alcohol.

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