Vintage Harley Davidson 1989 Tee
Vintage Harley Davidson 1989 Tee
Vintage Harley Davidson 1989 Tee
Vintage Harley Davidson 1989 Tee
Smoke & Meteors

Vintage Harley Davidson 1989 Tee

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Vintage from the 1980s

Harley Davidson Ottowa, Ohio Tee
Year: 1989
Brand: Hanes
*Minor holes, faded from age, and very slight wear marks from time. Besides these markings this tee is in very good condition and soft to the touch. The fade and tiny holes create that perfect grunge, worn in look.

Size XL (Fits more like a Large)
Shoulder to Shoulder: 21in
Armpit to Armpit: 22in
Collar to Hem: 28.5in

*This perfectly worn in Harley tee has that grunge feel and a beautiful fade. It is no longer black but it is that sweet spot shade of gray when a tee is faded naturally over time.

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~Smoke & Meteors carefully curates second hand vintage clothing. Many of our pieces are customized, which is alway listed on the item. Due to the nature of second hand clothing there will be natural fading of the fabrics, holes, tears, pieces missing—this is what we love about vintage clothing! Every piece is unique and tells a story. We travel far and wide to bring you the best but we will always detail the items to the best of our ability. There may not be years on band t-shirts because of wear and tear but we work hard to bring you the best estimates possible. You can always reach us if you have questions about any items.~

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